Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is the end my friends.

Well this is probably the last entry on this blog. My editor of my blog, my wife, left May 1st to go home. I guess GOD needed a Tax accountant. She did leave a void here though.

I've thought over the last month about all the things I wanted to say, including things not about my wife, but not much point right not; nothing coming to mind, but I'll let it work for a while and something might come up.

I did want to say, after 28 years of marriage; I'm allowed. Guys; have the conversations, do the things you always wanted to, learn what each of you want to happen in the end, and figure out where everything is in your life, home, and existence. Make is a lot easier to go though everything when something happens, trust me.

Plus I've realized just how many people care about you that you might never know about, or realize. Friends, relatives, people at your church, old school friends you haven't heard anything out of in years. And you'll appreciate every one of them.

You might even realize just how much your in-laws really love you. Even if you knew all along it's a little humbling after all. Thanks guys; I love you like you'll never imagine. When you should have been as devastated as I was you rallied around me, kept me together, and helped me make my way though all of what's happening.

I appreciate the number of clients, basket weaver members, dog lovers, and friends of my wife that have told me just how much she meant to them; and how lost they are going to be with out her around. Dido; you should be at my house sometimes.

Her family at work has been fantastic. They have helped me, and continue to, with finishing up tax projects, returns, and other things I'm going to need their help on for a while.

I've been a little blocked on writing. Guess you could understand. But I really want/need to get back at it. I have what I think will be a pretty good story coming up next. You'll see a little different side of my writing in this one; hope you like it. But I have to get started.

There will be a scholarship set up in my wife's honor at Freed-Hardeman University. Thanks Jenny for helping with that. Look out everybody; they will be looking for contributions to help get it started. It is a university after all!

A little business while we're here. I have been prompted to discontinue my comments on political subjects. So while it's is the last one I'll make a couple and make them brief.

Could you just imagine what they would all be saying if George would have been wining and dinning around Europe during Katrina? He had it bad enough, and to an extent rightfully so, as it was, but....

And would the Republican's find somebody worth a crap and run them against Obama. Even if they don't win it would be better than some of the ones running now! The best ones have dropped out. Can you blame them because of what the media would do to them and their families?

I went to Taco Bell and got a salad today for lunch. When I ordered I asked for extra dressing for the salad, the girl taking my order said they would have to charge extra for it (never had before but, okay?) So I told her never mind. Well that was to never might giving me any extra; I wanted what you normally get with the salad! Guess she didn't think I needed any! Thanks, Taco Bell for the GREAT service!

Okay, I've written enough junk for one blog. I do want to end with saying a heart felt THANK YOU to everyone that has contacted me, sent well wishes, came to two memorials in two different states (especially David Eldridge who drove two hours to come speak, thank you so much) offered help and has helped, and told me that there was NO WAY they were going to let me turn into a hermit in this house.

I get a feeling people are planning on keeping me busy; thanks to all of you.

Well like the Grateful Dead sang, "What a long strange trip it's been." Thanks, there will be another Jonathan Eli blog started, along with a web-site, in a couple months along with another new book coming out, Kat's Decision, so keep an eye on Facebook and ride along.