Friday, April 8, 2011

The democrats are back! The democrats are back!


After 31 days of paid vacation in Illinois, the Indiana democratic legislators returned to their jobs. And they walked in like conquering champions!

They did so because the Republicans caved; it's what they do.

The Democrats have the gall to run TV ads stating that they courageously worked for Indiana middle-income families. They snuck out the back door and ran to Illinois.

One of them even equated their run-away tactics to a solider in Afghanistan! That one legislator should be ashamed of himself, but that's something they have no idea of.

Comparing the bravery of an American solider sleeping in hostile conditions, getting shot at, being away from family, friends, and loved ones for months to a few politicians sitting around the motel 6 in Illinois in the hot tub and watching porno then sneaking back into the state on the weekends to see their family and make sure the unions will keep paying the bills!

Makes me sick! But then in 2012, I’ll bet Indiana citizens will forget all about this and vote them right back in, probably in bigger numbers! Why do I say that? Because Democrats will do a much better job of spinning what happened and make sure everybody thinks the Republicans caused them to leave. They are already running ads telling Indiana families that they are the only thing that kept them from being put out of their homes, their kids starving at school, and their parents eating dog food because they can't afford to eat and heat or cool their home. They forget THEIR President is the one that said we should all PAY MORE for heating oil!

But what will the Republicans do? Nothing! They will run their regular race, cave to more demands, and act like they didn't win a majority in the state or the nation in 2010! For over 40 years, the democrats have tried to tax and spend this country out of business and they are about to win if we forget and let them!

Change of subject: you hear liberals talking all the time about how Christians should be tolerant and how we are so intolerant of others. Well, how about this: how many times in the last ten to twenty years has someone, of whatever faith or non-faith, done something against Christians and you hear about a dozen of them being killed by Christians? When the Muslims broke into the Church of the First Born in Jerusalem and defecated all over the place, tore pages of the Old Testament out of a Bible and used it as toilet paper (possible the only time they have used anything that way) was there a great outcry and murders of Muslims around the world. When an 'artist' (using American TAX DOLLARS) placed a crucifix in a bottle of urine and called it art, did Christians round up a bunch of artists and murder them? Didn't hear about it, and believe me if it had happened, you know it would have been major news on every channel and news outlet! How many ACLU lawyers have been beheaded for trying to keep a manger scene off public property? Please tell me if you know anything about it. No, some 'Christian' groups send people out to demonstrate at funerals of the people who died to make sure they had the freedom to do such.

And some of us wonder why GOD has let this mess go on this long?

Okay let's do a compare and contrast. Butler basketball and Obama! The reason I started this like this is because a couple of weeks ago we were treated to Barack picking his top 16 NCAA basketball picks for his bracket. Now with the Egyptian problem still going on, Libya was going crazy, Japan still had a nuclear plant on the edge of explosion along with all the other horrors there, plus all the neat things going on here, but Barack had to make his picks and we listened and watched breathlessly while ESPN showed it.

Now consider this as well. Several months ago Barack was in the middle of a press conference and turned it over to FORMER PRESIDENT Bill Clinton while he went to a birthday party for one of his daughters AT HIS WIFES INSISTANCE! Think of both these things and imagine this: what if Ronald Reagan or George Bush had done either thing? They thought Nancy Reagan ran the country anyway; could you imagine if he'd left a press conference and turned it over to Gerald Ford? For a birthday party? And I'll give President Obama points. I am glad he made time for his daughter’s birthday. But why use it as a stunt to get Clinton back in the limelight and try for a feel-good fluff piece for the evening news! Plus, think about if Bush had made his NCAA picks during the beginning of the Iraq war? That would have made the evening news, and you can bet ESPN would have never touched it.

Now finally, let's talk about Butler! Yeah, it was not the best game ever played. In fact it was one of the worst: both sides played badly on offense. I really think they had two of the best defenses seen. But maybe the biggest story was after the game when Butler's team came together and realized that it was just a game and that tomorrow they would all be students again and Indianapolis and much of America, if not the world, still loved the underdog, especially if it's a bulldog!

I have to say this. I am not a Duke fan in any way, shape, or form. In fact, my three favorite teams in college basketball are; Butler, Indiana University, and whoever is beating Duke! The way they treated (the school, faculty, and administration) the team after the Lacrosse deal, they certainly acted more like a junior-high school than a division one university! Guilty till proven innocent and unlikely to be proven innocent! But what the basketball team coach said after last year’s game about Butler; I have to give him a thumbs-up and say there is an exception no matter how bad Duke is.

I certainly hope Butler appreciates what they have, I am sure they do, and work to keep the team at the level it is now and to give Indianapolis another team to be excited about. So for next year; GO BUTLER!!!

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