Friday, October 1, 2010

Well I'm back; did you miss me?

Well I just about blew it. I almost became one of those people who start a blog and then never write anything on it. Right after I said I hated that. But then there is not much to write about. I’ve had a computer down that I do much of my writing on and my editor is working on her own book right now so I‘m kind of in limbo.
So what can I write about that will be interesting and maybe funny, or inspirational, or educational.

So I thought I might write about a couple other blogs I follow. The first is my writing partner and Editor Lauralynn Elliott. [] She stays very much in writing about her writing occasionally taking a curve into something else. It’s interesting to read about someone else a little a head of me on this adventure. Plus she does write a different book than I do; but it’s all good and I think she has some very good reads out there; books as well as blog.

Then there is Terry Reeves. [] TR, as we call him, was a college roommate at Freed. He is, as I like to describe, one of the luckiest guys I know. He has had some hard times in his life; cancer gave us all a big scare a few years ago; but he and his wonderful wife Margaret got through it, or are getting through it, cancer never really leaves your mind, but he has had some of the most interesting travels and experiences of anyone I have ever known. He takes a yearly trip or two to Honduras doing mission work down there. His stories and the stories of those who go with him can inspire and entertain.

And lastly one of my absolute favorites is Bob Wilber’s blog on [] If you are interested in Rush, Minnesota sports, Drag Racing, or life in general, Bob’s a great read. He can take you into a situation and make you believe you are there. He is funny and can make you think. His stories of his family and friends are full of interesting tales and information. Plus he blogs like a crazy person! He writes on his blog almost every day and it’s good enough that you want to come back and see what he’s going to say next. Plus you always want to see pictures of whatever Bob puts up.

Well as they say ‘another day another donut’ The boys are at daycare and it’s way to quiet around here so I’ll get out of here for now and let you enjoy someone else’s ramblings.  Peace.

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  1. Hey, you spelled my name wrong when you mentioned my blog. LOL

    I got out of the writing mood last night after hubby wouldn't give up MY computer. So after I got my hands on it, I ended up editing the prologue and first chapter of your latest book. :)We're going to have to talk about those exclamation points....